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Hensting Alpacas - Chickens For Sale - Hampshire

£10 discount when you purchase 3 chickens @ £35 each
Adults ready January 2014
Prices Starting for cross breeds @ £20
See below for our current list of chickens for sale. We focus on high standard genetics and superior animal welfare resulting in very happy and high quality pure breed stock. We have a choice of chicken breeds to suit all requirements including those looking to improve or introduce new bloodlines, set up a small holding or own some endearing pets. We frequently have for sale...
* Pure Breed Cockerels
* Point of Lay Hens
or Young Pullets
* Hatching Eggs
* Chicks
* All colours with superior genetics
All are competitively priced, Defra registered and routinely wormed and health checked. Our flock is expanding constantly so if you don't see what you are looking for here please contact us

French Copper Maran
French Copper Maran Cockerel  

French Copper Maran
For sale
Belgian / French Bloodlines

French Copper Maran

Originating from France and one of the more recent breed introduced to the UK, the Copper Maran is available in a variety of colours.  At Hensting Alpacas we breed three colours; Copper Blue, Copper Black and Copper Splash.  Each lay approximately 150 very popular dark brown eggs a year and are historically a dual purpose breed.  Generally placid, hardy and disease resistant, Maran enjoy free-ranging and can become fat if not given this chance.  They originally have feathered legs and we concentrate on maintaining this feature in our breeding stock.

£35.00 each (hen)8 x 10 week old pullets now available as of 28/04/2014 plus week old chicks available

Cream Crested Legbar
Alpaca for sale jameela  

Cream Crested Legbar
For sale
An older pure breed

Cream Crested Legbar

An older pure breed, the Cream Legbar has a lovely crest on top of its head and can be auto-sexed by the feather colour as chicks.  They are generally unlikely to go brood and they lay 180 beautiful pale blue eggs each year that are a healthier option as they are significantly lower in cholesterol than other eggs.  Primarily kept as egg-layers, Cream Legbar are hardy and not flighty and being quite light, require slightly less feed than other breeds.

£35.00 each (hen) 15 x 18 week old pullets now available as of 13/04/2014 plus week old chicks available

Light Sussex
aimee alpaca for sale  

Light Sussex
For sale
One of the original breeds

Light Sussex

Originating from Sussex, as the name suggests, the Light Sussex has been around for over 100 years being one of the oldest known breeds still available today.  This breed is dual purpose, in that they are bred to be good egg layers in addition to good table birds.  The hen will lay around 260 eggs a year, creamy/light brown colour, and generally large in size.  Light Sussex chickens are happy to be both kept in a run or free-ranging, have good temperaments and are good foragers.  They are also one of our hardier breeds.

£35.00 each (hen) 8 x 10 week old pullets now available as of 28/04/2014 plus week old chicks available

Rhode Island Red
afra with kity  

Rhode Island Red
For sale
Dual-purpose breed

Rhode Island Red

Another dual-purpose breed, the Rhode Island Red has dark, glossy reddish-brown plumage.  It originates from the US and, when crossed with a Sussex, provides the most popular lighter reddish-brown hybrid chicken available today.  Rhode Island Red lay 150-200 mid-brown eggs each year and, being friendly, make good pets.  They are a fairly hardy breed and although they are active, they require little space to forage.

£35.00 each (hen) 9 x 10 week old pullets now available as of 28/04/2014 plus week old chicks available

Buff Columbian Brahma
ayoka alpaca for sale  

Buff Columbian Brahma
For sale

A very fertile handsome large birdl, superb genetics from pure bloodlines. Great fertility; I have had lots of chicks from these. they are realy big birds, although they take longer to mature they are impresive.

£35.00 each ALL SOLD

Hatching Eggs

hensting alpacas for sale

French maran hathcing eggs


Hatching Eggs
For sale
Guaranteed Fertile
All breeds available


Copper Blue Hens with unrelated Copper Blue Cockerel, from French and Belgian bloodlines.

Blue cockerel and Blue hens: from these eggs you will get 50% Blue, 25% Black and 25% Splash.

We select our breeding stock to ensure fertility and strong healthy chicks, and we have a hatching success rate of 98% in our incubators.

All the eggs that we send are of good shape and size and the freshest possible.

Eggs will be sent by First Class Delivery for arrival
next day and will be sent in poly boxes bound with fragile tape.

UK post only.

We are Defra registered and all our hens are wormed regularly and fed on the best foods including fruit from our local school!

£11.99 for six eggs plus £6.99 postage


For sale
Male and Female
Please contact for availablity

Common Rhea

The Common Rhea, also known as the ‘Greater’ or ‘American’ Rhea, originate from the grassy plains of South America and is a member of the ratite family along with the Ostrich and Emu, which means it is flightless.  The long developed wings are usually folded over the body, however they are used to change direction when escaping predators; they are fast runners reaching up to 37mph.  The wings are also used by males during the courting season. 

A female rhea lays 30-50 eggs each season, which are incubated by the male.  Each egg is equal to approximately 12 chicken eggs in volume.  Rheas reach up to 5’ tall and are omnivores, preferably eating broad leaf plants and salads, however also eating fruit, roots, insects and worms.  They are a multi-purpose bird; feathers are used for dusters, skins may be used as leather and their meat provides superior quality steak.  Life-span is up to 40 years and females begin to lay eggs from 2 years of age.  Feathering is often grey and brown, however white rhea are also common.  At Hensting Alpacas, we have both grey and white rhea.  9 Adults now available as of 13/11/2013

£350.00 each

Kune Kune Pigs

kune kune piglets for sale
Kune Kune Piglets for salekune piglets

kune kune boar

  Kune Kune Pigs and Piglets
For sale
PURE BREED PEDIGREE Kune Kune piglets next kutter due to be born October 2013 (now born). . Pepa and georga are of the Jenny bloodline. They have been mated with 'Horatio' who is of Tutaki bloodline. The pigs will be fully registered, vaccinated and boys castrated.

These friendly, loving little pigs are easy to train, some are already sitting and begging for a tip bit. They love human contact so the more time you spend with them the more rewarding your relationship is with them. They are great mowers because they are grass eating pigs. All handled from birth so very tame. All stockwill be registered with the British kune kune pig society and will be vaccinated for internal and external worms and parasites. we are DEFRA Registered

August 2012 Litter only 1 boys and left as of 13-11-2013

Prices £80.00 - £125

Boar at Stud (bottom picture)
Horatio: Tutaki bloodline
Pure breed Kune Kune Boar
Registered and vaccinated.
Service fee: £50 per sow

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